Twas The Night…

Good evening. Who watched Barbara on Hochanda showcase ‘Twas The Night…”? Although I was unable to get samples to her for the show, I did prepare a step by step with a couple of the plates from the collection and with the help of lots of other plates.

Here is what I created …

Lets start with the plates I used:Baby Plates: Twas the Night, Nested CirclesBorder Plates: Perforated border plates Diagonal and Straight, Border 1, Occassion BorderA5 Nested squares
I created the card using the new parchment colours green and red and these tools and materials:

1.) Stick the green parchment on the bauble plate, glossy side up, and emboss the design using the no.1 tool.

2.) Still working on glossy side up, stick the parchment on the A5 nested square plate so that the bauble is slightly off set into the inner square. Emboss the squares.

3.) Using the straight perforated border plate, perforate the slot design, matt side of the parchment facing up (this is the front of the card), from the bauble to the top of the inner square with the 1-needle tool.

4.) Stick the parchment, glossy side up, on the baby nested circles plate and emboss around the 4 circle from the outside, leaving out the section where the previous bauble was embossed to make this look like it is at the back.

5.) Emboss the reindeer and stars design in this second bauble. I only embossed the stars that were whole and filled in the remaining stars by moving the parchment around the plate. Also emboss the top of the bauble and the ribbon from the bauble plate. Turn the parchment over, stick it matt side up,  to the perforated straight border plate again and perforate the slot design from the bauble ribbon to the top of the inner square.

6.) Emboss, gloss side up, “Merry Christmas” on the side of the card from the occasions border plate.

7.) Emboss the dash pattern from the Border 1 plate on either side of the wording.

8.) With the matt side up, stick the parchment on the perforated diagonal plate so that the second border on the plate fits between the 2 square outlines and perforate the hexagon design only, leaving out the hole between each hexagon.

9.) Turn the parchment over so it is glossy side up and align the holes using pins before sticking it down in place. Emboss the hole between each hexagon. Repeat the above perforating step and this embossing step to create a border outside the card using the first border on the plate.

So this is what it looks like with all the embossings and perforations from the plates. I have no idea where the green from my green parchment paper has gone in the next few photograph! It is the same piece of green parchment.

10.) I embossed the design, from the back, inside the baubles using a small shader tool and a hockey stick. The little ‘snowflakes’ are embossed with a small star tool.

11.) Using the 2-needle tool, on the front, perforate inside the stars and the moon.

12.) Cut between all the perforations of the moon, stars, slots, hexagons and outside border design using parchment craft scissors or snips. I also coloured on the back with colour pencils the Christmas tress, cottage and reindeer.

13.) Thread a piece of ribbon through the slots above the baubles.

14.) Add a bit of sparkle on the baubles with a Quickie glue pen and ultra fine glitter powder. Mount the piece on red parchment (14.5×14.5cm), white card (15x15cm), black card (15.5×15.5cm) and white card (20x20cm). Stick a bow on the top of each bauble.

Hopefully all the steps made sense and I am looking forward to seeing everyones creations using these Christmas plate. My place on the sofa is booked for the rest of the shows by Barbara and Paul tomorrow on Hochanda to watch all the wonderful demos and all the inspirational examples and samples by Clarity’s amazingly talented design team.

Happy Creating. Take Care. Big Hugs!

Love and laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋