Good afternoon and wishing all mums out there a Very Happy Mother’s Day.

I had such fun with the new Groovi plates that Rossella is showcasing today on Hochanda at 11, 2 and 5. I am completely in love with the nested scallop rectangles, ovals, squares and circles plates. If you do not have them yet, a definite must to put your wish lists.

I only had time to play with the Topaze plate so here is what I created …

Plates used:

a.) A5 Rectangle – Nested Scallop RectanglesTopazeA4 Straight Basic Piercing Grid

b.) A4 Square – Nested Squares ExtendedBorder Plates – Straight Border Pattern Piercing Grid No. 1

Step by Steps to create this card …

Step 1 –  Emboss, on regular parchment, the rectangles 4 with the scallops and 5 (I think) from the inside on the nested scallop rectangles plate.

Step 2 – Emboss Topaze inside the rectangle and the filigree design outside the rectangle edges.

Step 3 – Emboss rectangles around the filigree work leaving one set of rectangle/scallop between the design.

Step 4 – Emboss the Honesty plant leaves (or are these the flowers?) with a large followed by medium ball tools.

Step 5 – Still working on the back, roughly colour Topaze with bendable pencils.

Step 6 – Using blending solution and a paper stump, blend the pencil work so the colour is smooth, removing the rough pencil lines. Between the borders, I used Perga Colours Exclusive felt pens to color but you could use the pencils.

Step 7 – On the front, with a 2 needle perforating tool, perforate inside the scallops and inside and outside the filigree work.

Step 8 – Cut between the perforations with parchment craft scissors or Perga Cutters.

Step 9 – On pale blue parchment, with the glossy darker side up, emboss the largest square from the extended nested squares plate. Inside the square, emboss the pattern from the straight border pattern plate No. 1.

Step 10 – Turn the piece around to the front, align the dots on the A4 straight piercing grid, and perforate the holes inside the pattern dots.  Work one edge at a time and turn the parchment around on the grid for the next edge.

Step 11 – On the back, emboss the extra Honesty plant stems on the left and right side of the square and emboss in the leaves.

Finishing – Mount the Topaze piece on the trimmed pale blue piece and the designer backing paper using brads. Stick this whole piece on a 8×8 folded white card. I added a few sequins on the card and also used Wink of Stella on the leaves to add a bit of sparkle.

Well that’s it for this piece and hope everyone gets to watch the shows today for lots more inspiration and ideas from the amazingly talented design team and Rossella herself.

Take Care and Enjoy!

Love and laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋