‘Tis My Faith

Good evening. Did you catch Maria on Hochanda today. Bet there was lots to learn and lots of inspiration from the Clarity design team. I have not watched the shows as I was on hospital rounds with my dad but I have recorded them so will watch them tomorrow after the kids are sent off to school. Unfortunately I was unable to help with samples for the show so I thought I would create a step by step to put on here … Any excuse to have a little play with these gorgeous new Groovi plates.

Plates Used:

a.) A5 Square – Lily of the Valley, Daffodils, Scalloped Nested squares, Basic Diagonal Grid

b.) A6 Square – Vases

Step 1 – On regular parchment paper, emboss the pretty border on the Lily of the Valley plate to make a square. Emboss part of the 4th from the outside scallop nested square and also use this plate to emboss extra borders on the top and bottom as seen in the photo (that part is too difficult for me to describe in words. Lol).This is what it looks like on the back.

Step2 – Emboss the verse – I broke it down into 4 lines and moved it around the square and rectangle.

Step 3 – Emboss the pot from the baby vase plate and the flowers and leaves growing out of the pot from the Daffodils and Lily of the Valley plates

Step 4 – Over the Basic Diagonal Grid, emboss dots on the pot using the No2 ball tool. To create a light texture, rub the ball tool lightly between the rectangle and the square on the grid.

Step 5 – Colour on the back. I used the Pergamano Perga Colours Exclusive this time but Distress Markers or Pencils would work very well too.

Step 6 – Emboss the 4 petal flowers around the border and in the rectangles between the double outlines using the No4 followed by No3 ball tools.This is what it looks like on the front so far.

Step 7 – Using artistry ink pads or distress ink pads brush some colour on the back around the work after masking the rectangle area.

Step 8 – On the front, inside the scallops, perforate using the 2-needle perforating tool.

Step 9 – Cut between the perforations using parchment scissors or Perga Cutters.

Step 10 – Cut the worked parchment piece to size as well as blue and regular parchment squares (14x14cm) and designer paper from the Brighton Rock Clarity paper pad (16.5×16.5cm). Attach all these pieces together using brads between the 4 petal flowers (I got carried away but 1 in each corner would be enough). Stick this whole piece on folded white card (17x17cm).

To finish, stick sequins on the card and add a bit of sparkle on the flowers using Wink of Stella (unfortunately the camera did not pick up the sparkle).

Well, that’s it from me. I’m going to bed… Maybe…

Take Care. Enjoy!

Love and laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋