Thank You

Good morning. A bit early for me to be this organised, right? Today I am having a ‘Sofa Day’ which will work out as I had made this card yesterday (and a coupe of other quick thank you cards). For my ‘Sofa Day’, I am going to do this step by step and write a few wordy blurb for it, call the hospital to make various appointments for various people in the family, dad’s accounts, my online bills to pay, reply to lots of emails and messages that I have not been able to get back to in the last few days and have a catch up on FB which I have not been able to do either. Chocolate, popcorn and lots of coffee and tea to keep me going…

Today’s card is one to say ‘Thank you’ … I am lucky enough to have so many wonderful family and friends who love me and support me and I feel I don’t say a thank you often enough. So here is a THANK YOU for all of you…

Clarity Groovi Plates used:A5 Square – Nesting Squares, Straight and Diagonal GridsBorder Plates – Funky Henna, Bunting Wave, Lace 1 Border, Straight and Diagonal Perforating Borders

On regular parchment paper emboss the outermost square.

Just inside the square, emboss the lace design.

Emboss the flowers on the lace design.

Colour, on the back, (I used distress markers) between the lace design. From the front perforate using the 2-needle tool around the lace and square.

Cut between the perforations with parchment craft scissors or snips.

On blue parchment paper, with the glossy side up, emboss the outside 2 squares from the nesting squares plate and flower from the funky henna plate. This flower is going to be made up in layers so I embossed parts of it on regular parchment paper and the blue parchment paper.

Perforate the lace borders from the front using the straight perforating border plate.

This is where the design I had in my mind started changing. I found out that I did not want to use the outermost square I had embossed in this design. And instead of working everything in straight lines and squares I wanted to change angles. So I placed the diagonal perforating border plate at an angle to perforate the lace border.

Perforate a different border from the diagonal perforating border plate outside of the three sides of the smaller square. Once all the perforations are done, emboss the dots on the back by placing the perforated lace patterns on the appropriate straight and diagonal grids (Oops, I forgot to take the photos for these steps) to do the white work around the lace.

Emboss “Thank you’ from the bunting wave border plate.

Colour on the back parts of the flower design. Perforate, on the front, inside and outside the3D flower elements using the 2-needle tool.

Cut between all the perforations on the blue parchment piece and the flowers. I also embossed the flower petals on the blue parchment.

Mount the pieces on blue parchment and black card using brads and the 3D flower elements on the main flower with brads. Stick this on a white folded card.

These are the other 2 quick ‘Thank you’ cards I made yesterday.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

P.S. Tomorrow, watch fabulous demonstrations by Maria Simms and see the inspirational samples by the Clarity design team tomorrow on Hochanda (Sky 663, Freeview 39, Freest 817, online at between 13.00-14.00 and 17.00-18.00.

Take Care. Big Hugs!

Love and laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋