Snow, Snow And Snow

Good evening. Did you all see the gorgeous new Groovi Plates designed by Linda Williams on Hochanda as the Clarity One Day Special tonight? Aren’t they absolutely yummy? Definitely a must have for every parchment crafter. And all those stunning creations by the design team and the inspiration they give us are so beautiful and we all so thankful for them.

At one point in my life (lots and lots of years ago) I used to make almost 400 Christmas cards every year – for my dad, for my sister, for my kids friends and teachers and of course for me to send out. Then life started happening and fewer and fewer were made each year and finally a couple of years ago I decided I was not going to make any to send out and instead give that amount to a charity. I still feel guilty about not making and sending but I am a lot less stresssed.

So today I will show you a few steps to create this fun card that started of with the idea I was going to put only 5 snowflakes but by the time I started making and enjoyed making them, the number grew and grew and grew and …

All the pieces are created from regular parchment paper with all embossing and colouring from the back, perforating and cutting from the front.

1.) Emboss 3 of the beautiful heart swirly frames from the Mistletoe & Wreath Accessories Groovi Plate A5 Square.

2.) Colour the hearts and between the rectangles and scallop frames.

3.) Perforate with a 2-needle perforating tool between the swirls and hearts.

4.) Cut between all the perforations to complete this piece and set aside.

5.) Using the Squares Nesting Groovi Plate A5 Square and the Alphabet Picture Frame Groovi Plate A4 Square emboss a square and section it to create a wide enough area to sit the frames element created above and the wording above and below the section.

6.) Using this design from the Diagonal Border Pattern Piercing Grid No 1 Border Plate,

7.) Emboss the design above and below the sectioned areas leaving out the middle holes.

8.) Perforate the holes by placing and lining up on the Diagonal Basic Piercing Grid A5 Square.

9.) With the 2-needle tool, perforate outside the embossed square.

10.) Cut between the perforation outside the square. Tear the previously created framed design above and below the framed areas so it fits comfortably on the square piece and cut a piece of card to fit this piece.

11.) Emboss snowflakes on a spare piece of parchment, as few or as many as you wish. I used the one snowflake only but you could use all the snowflake designs from the Mistletoe & Wreath Accessories Groovi Plate A5 Square.

12.) Perforate with a 2-needle tool around them.

13.) Cut a piece of card bigger than the square parchment piece. Layer all the pieces and use brads in the middle of snowflakes to put everything together (and hold together). Stick this to a folded white card to finish.

Who thinks it needs more of the snowflakes?

And this was my other creation for the show with a combination of some of the other Groovi plates by Linda in this One Day Special …

Don’t forget to watch the rest of the Clarity One day Special shows on Hochanda tomorrow for more demos by Barbara and Paul.


Love and laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋