Ramblings And Rattlings

Okay, second time at this first blog post (I deleted the first one by mistake … Duh!!) and edited it to this one as I have no clue what I had written in the first one (note to self: learn to back-up!!). And to think my first piece I created was going to have to a ‘Wow, I did this’ effect. Actually I can believe I did this – DELETED the first piece after publishing it and with no clue how!!!

I have no idea why I wanted to start a blog over the last few days or whether I will be able to keep it going due to time restraints but at least it is a start. All I know is I have lots of stuff, things and ideas in my head I want to share … I want to share lots of photos of things I may be creating at the time or created in the past. In future posts, I want to include step by steps. I want to share lots of giggles and quotes that go “Ping” in my head or heart.

Here is the first photo I want to share simply because it has two things I love and where the name for my blog comes from (yes it is a bit of a mouthful) … It has a butterfly, lots of glitter and for fun you can even rock it. Flutterfly Kisses pattern can be downloaded from www.tinacox.co.uk.

Having rambled and rattled a bit and lightened the weight in my head by starting this blog after days of it weighing me down I will sleep a bit better tonight knowing I am on a new journey in which I can not only share with you but learn a lot from everyone.

Lots of fun, love and laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋