Pretty Pink Parchlet

Hiya. Today I was on a mission to finish prepping for the Hochanda show next week on Thursday, type up the producer notes and the instructions for the sample cards I have done without any excuses. I love creating artwork but don’t like doing instructions … Actually I hate doing anything that needs me to write words. My arm has been really sore and has been for a few weeks now, probably from moving the things from my my place to my mum’s. It took me 2mths to finish sorting everything out and empty my property. It was such a relief when I emptied the last few things. I am beginning to feel I am falling behind on everything I need to get done so I was determined to sit down, focus and work.

And then, along the way, I got distracted and ended up creating a parchlet. A pretty little thing that took less than half hour. The camera on my phone is playing up so it was really hard to take proper step by step photos so if they are blurry, sorry. This is what I made.

Groovi Plates Used:

– Nested Squares Picot Cut Die & Groovi Plate Set (ACC-DI-30698-66)

– Tina’s Wildflower Parchlet (GRO-FL-40974-01)

– Straight Pattern Border No.1 Grid (GRO-GG-40350-14)

1.) Emboss the double square outlines and part of the floral design from the wildflower parchlet plate using the Pergamano 1mm tool (or groovi no.1).

2.) From the nested squares picot outlines plate, emboss the smallest double square outlines in the centre using the Pergamano 1mm tool (or groovi no.1) and the zig zag with a Pergamano stylus 0.5mm (or groovi no.1).

3.) Over the straight pattern border grid no.1 plate, emboss the top row of dots from the 2nd border using the Pergamano 1.5mm tool (or groovi no.2). 

 4.) Emboss crosses between the dots using the Pergamano stylus 0.5mm.

5.) Emboss fine veins in the flower petals and the zig zag from the nested squares picot outlines plate in the corners between the floral design and the outside squares using the Pergamano stylus 0.5mm. Colour on the back using Perga Colours Exclusive pens. Cut the piece just outside the square.

 6.) Using the picot nested squares Fresh Cut die, cut the 3rd from inside square frame from pink parchment. Mount the worked regular parchment piece on the picot cut pink parchment, white and black card using brads. Mount a blossom pink paper flower in the centre using a brad. Stick this whole piece on 4″x4″ folded white card.

I guess I better get on with my ‘To finish today’ list as play time is over. All products available at

Take Care. Enjoy!

Love and Laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋