Pretty In Pink

Good evening. I was beginning to feel very guilty for forgetting about my blog and seeing as I did not get a chance to send in a few samples for today’s Groovi one day special with Barbara Gray and Paul Church on Hochanda, I created a framed picture with step by steps for all to try for today’s blog.

First thought this morning was I was going to create something quick and simple and it was going to be in pink … I am having a pink day and I like pink. However, the finished project ended up taking a bit more time than I had expected because … Well, I guess because I was having too much fun creating it and using some of the lovely new plates being demonstrated today on Hochanda at 8.00pm and then tomorrow at 9.00am, 12.00pm, 4.00pm and 7.00pm. Really really really beautiful new Groovi plates designed by Jayne Nestorenko.

This is what we will create:

Plates used – A4 Alphabet picture frame, A5 Jayne’s roses, A5 Jayne’s roses name, A5 Spring background, A5 Straight piercing grid, Border Straight piercing pattern plate 1.

A few things I may (most likely will) forget to mention and saves me from repeating myself:

1.) All the embossing is on the back.

2.) All the colouring is on the back. I used Distress markers but you can use pencils too.

3.) All the perforating is done from the front whether using the 2-needle tool or the piercing border plate 1.

Ok, let’s start …

Emboss the frame outline on the A4 Alphabet picture frame on A4 regular parchment.

Emboss the leaves and stems from A5 Spring background in the wide sections of the frame.

On the back, colour between the embossed section of the leaves and frame, leaving out the outer most square for the moment. Emboss the pattern of the first line of the border on the straight piercing plate 1 on the inside the outer most square of the frame.

Colour between the sections of the embossed patterned dots.

From the front, perforate the border along the outside of the frame.

So it looks like this …

On the back, emboss over the A5 straight piercing grid.

On the inside of the frame, emboss the design along the 4 corners from the A5 Jayne’s roses.

Colour the roses and leaves from the back so it looks like this on the front …

From the A5 Jayne’s roses name plate emboss the butterfly – the outer three sections on pink parchment paper and the rest of the butterfly design on regular parchment plater. Colour the sections of the butterflies from the back.

Perforate from the front the sections between the leaves and stems on the frame piece and outside the 2 butterfly outlines using a 2-needle tool.

Cut between all the 2-needle perforations and the perforated border pattern using parchment craft scissors or parchment snips.

Mount the frame piece on another piece of parchment paper (19.5×19.5cm), pink card (20x20cm) and black card (21x21cm) using brads. I mounted the butterflies in the centre of the frame using brads.

Lots of perforating and cutting, not quite what I had intended to do when I started, but it was well worth it. I now need to find a square frame to put it in to hang it in my workroom with all my other butterfly creations (before I break any of the leaves and stems). Wondering if it needs glitter …….

All the plates are available from and really hope you can tune in to Hochanda on Sky 663, Freeview 39, Freesat 817 tonight at 8pm and tomorrow at 9.00am, 12.00pm, 4.00pm and 7.00pm to watch the live demos with lots of hints and tips from Barbara Gray and Paul Church. To watch it on your computers or tablets, the address is where you can watch live or on catch up if you miss any of the shows.


Love and laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋