Pretty Floral Spray

Hiya. How are you? Those who follow me on FB, Instagram and Pinterest have seen photos of day to day art journaling that  I have been doing for the last 15 days created with the prompts from a daily journaling course with Kasia Avery from Everything-Art. Yesterday was the last day of the class. It has been an amazing journey, very therapeutic, learnt so much and had so much fun working with a limited number of materials and colours for the full 15 days.

I have enjoyed it so much that I joined‘s Kaisa’s Advent Calendar class and Wanderlust 2020 for more journaling help, tips, techniques, and so I do set that time aside for me. And if that wasn’t enough to start with, I also enrolled on the Willowing Arts Life Book 2020 course at Next year, for me, is going to be a year to learn lots of new things that I have been wanting to for years. These online workshops work great for me as I can’t get out and about much so this way I can still keep learning.

Back to Groovi, here is the other card I had created using the Floral Spray Groovi Plate that Barbara and Paul showcased on Hochanda on yesterday …

Groovi Plates and Fresh Cut Dies used:

– Calligraphy Alphabet A5 Groovi Plate Mate – GRO-MA-40517-08

– Nested Scallops Rectangles A5 Groovi Plate – GRO-PA-40587-04

– Nested Squares Extension & Alphabet Frame A4 Square Groovi Plate – GR-WO-40538-15

– Tina’s Floral Spray & Floral Flutterby A6 Groovi Plate Set + Spacer – GRO-FL-41413-02

All the embossing and colouring has been done on the back and all the perforating and picot cutting has been done on the front.

1.) Normally I start with my frame but I wasn’t sure where I was going to go with this one so I started on A4 regular parchment so I had plenty of space to work around my design. I started with embossing the floral design from the Floral Spray Groovi Plate using a Groovi No.1 embossing tool (or Pergamano 1mm embossing tool).

2.) Emboss the 4th from outside double rectangle outlines from the Nested Scallops Rectangles Groovi plate, remembering to skip the areas where the leaves have been embossed.

3.) Emboss the 3rd from outside double square outlines and scallops from the Nested Squares Extension Groovi Plate.

4.) Emboss the greeting from the Nested Squares Extension Groovi Plate.

 5.) Emboss the flutterby from the Floral Flutterby Groovi Plate.

 6.) Colour on the back using Perga Liner B pencils and blend with Dorso oil using blending nibs. 

 7.) From the front, perforate using the bold 2-needle tool inside and outside the scallops and picot cut between the perforations.

8.) To finish, mount the parchment piece to Great Lakes designer paper using brads through the and stick this on folded white card. Add a bit (or a lot) of sparkle on the design using Pergamano sticky ink, mapping pen and Perga Glitter.

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Enjoy! Take care.

Love and Laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋