Playing With Foamiran

Good evening. Yesterday, I finally finished prepping for my shows on Thursday on Hochanda and decided to have a play with Foamiran. I had first come across the flowers made from it on Nick Roberts FB page and blog ( He makes the most amazing flowers with Foamarin and the roses are out of this world. So I asked him for help a few days ago and he steered me in the right direction which I am so grateful for.

The roses are a long way away for me to try yet but I had so much fun creating a few simple flowers. For me the hardest part was to try and hold it and stretch the foam gently but hopefully with more playtime I’ll find a way that works for me. And I promised Nick I would not throw away my first flower. I don’t know about you, but when I make something I stash it away somewhere only to find it years later all falling apart. So I decided I would put these flowers directly onto a card and I had the perfect project for it.

The Groovi piece I put the flowers on was one I had started a few weeks ago but did not like where it was going so I had abandoned it … till today. I’ll do the Groovi part in step by step photos. The flowers can be replaced by any flowers you may have. If you want to try Foamarin, there are lots of videos on YouTube to help you get started.

Here is what the finished project looks like …

Groovi Plates Used:

– Nested Squares GRO-PA-40037

– 03Nested Scallops Circles GRO-PA-40558

– 03Leafy Swirl GRO-TR-40338-03

– Linda’s Aquilegia & Lace GRO-FL-40920

– 03Straight Basic Grid GRO-GG-40202-12

– Gratitude and Sending Word Chains GRO-WO-40564-09

1.) Emboss the largest square and largest double circle outlines on regular parchment.

2.) Emboss the leafy swirls in the circle.

3.) Emboss the lace in the corners.

4.) Over the basic straight grid, emboss dots over alternate holes in the circle and every hole outside the circle.

5.) Freehand emboss in the lace corners using ball tools and small shader.

6.) On the back, colour the leafy swirl and between the double circle outlines with Perga Colours Exclusive pens and outside the circle, colour with Perga Liner B pencils and blend with blending nibs and Dorso oil.

7.) On the front, perforate inside the leaves using the bold 2-needle perforating tool and picot cut between the perforations.

8.) On pink parchment, emboss the word and colour on the back with Perga Colours Exclusive pen. Tear on the top and bottom.

9.) Mount the regular parchment piece and word on pink parchment and white card using brads. Stick this on Indian Summer designer paper and 8″x8″ folded white card. Add a little sparkle in the lace corners with Perga Glue and Perga Glitter. Finally stick the flowers and leaves on the card with silicone glue.

Well the flowers are a new addiction for me so I’m off to make some more because we can never have too many flowers … Nor chocolate … Nor cake … Nor popcorn … Nor tea … Nor ice-cream … Nor love heart sweets … Nor … 

Take Care. Enjoy!

Love and Laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋