Parchment And Gilding Flakes

Good morning everyone. Hope everyone is well. The new Floral Spray stamps, stencil, and Groovi plates with Barbara and Paul are on today on Hochanda at 11am and 2pm. I am in love with these and am so pleased I doodled this. They are so much fun to use, especially if you are looking to create something beautiful and quick because I think the design does all the work for us.

I have been wanting to play with gilding flakes on parchment for ages and finally got round to using it day before yesterday. I am addicted! I decided to do a tag to keep it simple, in case things didn’t quite work out as I planned! But then when it worked out, I put the tag on a card. It is a very simple card and I just let the design and gilding flakes do the work for me.

Groovi Plates and Fresh Cut Dies used:

– Nested Squares Picot Cut Die Set & Groovi Plate – ACC-DI-30698-66

– Calligraphy Alphabet A5 Groovi Plate Mate – GRO-MA-40517-08

– Nested Tags A5 Groovi Plate – GRO-PA-40654-04

– Nested Squares Extension & Alphabet Frame A4 Square Groovi Plate – GR-WO-40538-15

– Tina’s Floral Spray A6 Groovi Plate – GRO-FL-41401-02

1.) Emboss the largest tag from the Nested Tags Groovi Plate on the black parchment using the Groovi No.1 embossing tool or the Pergamano 1mm embossing tool. The glossy side will be the back of the work so this is the side to emboss on. This way the front, matt side, will show the embossing as white.

2.) Emboss the floral design from the Floral Spray Groovi Plate.

3.) Using the Pergamano sticky ink and mapping pen, on the front, fill in the areas you want to add the gilding flakes. The glossy shiny parts on the photo is where I have added the sticky ink.

4.) Let the sticky ink go clear and add the gilding flakes.

5.) With your finger, gently rub the excess off and put back in the pot. This is a good time not to sneeze!!! Also make sure your hand is dry and you have no lotion on. Cut out the tag (or use the 2-needle peforating tool and picot cut around the tag).

6.) Tear a bit of regular parchment larger than the tag.

7.) Picot cut on black parchment the 2nd from outside square using the Nested Squares Picot Cut Die and emboss the double square outlines from the corresponding Nested Squares Picot Cut Groovi Plate.

 8.) Emboss the greeting. Add gilding flakes between the double square outlines, as above on the tag, 

9.) To finish, stick the pieces on to white and black card and stick this on folded white card. I added glue dots to the card and put gilding flakes on them. I have to admit I preferred it without the glue dots but I was playing and wanted to see what it would look like.

Here are photos of other creations I have created using the Floral Spray Groovi Plates, stamps and stencil during my play session.

I hope you like this design and if you have purchased them, I hope you enjoy using them as much as I have loved playing with them. I look forward to seeing everyone’s creations using these. 
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Enjoy! Take care.

Love and Laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋