Paper Cutting

Good evening. Once more I am doing this late … Everyday I tell myself I am going to do my write up early and each day I get distracted with life.

Today I actually spent the morning/afternoon at my place. I was going to catch up on some rest time but instead I started sorting out my work room from 7.15-3.30. I am one of those lucky people who had converted my spare bedroom into my craft room when I moved into the house. But over a space of 10yrs the room started shrinking and all my stuff stopped fitting in there. So about a year ago I decided I needed to convert the dining room into my new craft room … After all I can still have diner in there while I am crafting. I had cupboards put in the dining room a year ago and I had not been able to sort anything out due to my parents ill health. But today I feel content and happy I actually got some stuff moved. Hopefully I will be able to complete this task sooner than another year.

By 3.30 I was exhausted so got me a cup of tea and decided to finish my doodle from 2 days ago … But was not motivated enough. I think I lost the flow of it. So instead decided to do some paper cutting which I had not done in ages.

I had a pattern designed for me that has my nephews and kids name on a tree that I have been wanting to do since the summer …


Unfortunately as I started quite late, I was not able to get a lot done … I learnt, I do not like cutting circles and maybe cheating with different size eyelet hole maker would have been a better idea. However, here is how far I got …

Front and back:

There is a great satisfaction in cutting the bits out with a scalpel instead of using my machine that would have done it for me automatically if I just scanned it in. Really enjoyed this little bit I did today and yet another thing to add to my uncompleted projects to be finished one day soon.

Lots of Fun, Love and Laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋