Not What I Had Planned…

Good evening. Having spent almost 12hrs in the hospital with my dad who needed fluids, I can safely say I am feeling a teensy weensy bit tired … Or maybe absolutely exhausted. I had gone quite prepared this time with my phone fully charged, iPad fully charged and my doodle journal in which I was determined to do a page as I had a feeling this morning we would be longer than a couple of hours.

I played a couple of games but was getting too distracted by being sent from one dept to another so gave up and just sat and people watched for a long time. I did not want to start a scribble until I knew what was happening and how long we were going to be there because I don’t like stopping and starting.

In the end, by the time the fluids were started on dad, it was 3.30 and it was going to be a 4hr session so got myself a second cup of tea of the day, pulled out my journal and micron pen and began to scribble. Started off with an idea in my head that included the sun, some flowers and maybe a butterfly or 2 but it obviously did not go in that direction. A few hours later this is where I stopped (unfortunately unfinished as ran out of time) …

A troubled, thinking too much, confused mind? I’ll finish this maybe tomorrow, or day after … or some other day in the future.

Lots of Fun, Love and Laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋