Love (Again)

Hi all. Okay so its taken me awhile to revisit my blog and create something for it. But Life Happens I guess. With best intentions I think I will blog every few days and next thing I know my few days have turned into months.

I go to a Groovi group at Coleman’s (East Northants Groovi Group) in Rushden which is organised by Rosalind McLellan and Lynda Hidderley. Once a month it is on a Monday and on a Saturday and it is my happy place. If you love Groovi and are in the area try and pop in and say hello. You bring whatever you want to work on, chat and have a giggle and there is always someone to help. For more details, contact Ros or Lynda or look for the East Northants Groovi Group on FB (

The card I’m about to share the steps for has taken me months (not literally but literally … I think! Lol). It has card I took to the Groovi meet each month and I did a bit more each time … literally just ‘a bit’ as I spend most of my time chatting, giggling, hugging, eating cake and chocolate and drinking tea. This group has literally become my lifeline as my bestest friends are there and I have had the privilege and honour to make lots more friends through it and there is definitely lots of love, support and care.

Well, last week I finally finished the card so lets do a step by step …

Groovi Plates used:

– Nested Scallops Squares Extension – GRO-WO-41168-15

– Tina’s Henna Petites – U Beauty – GRO-PA-41082-01

– Tina’s Allium Flower Parchlet – GRO-FL-40973-01

– Tina’s Forget Me Not Flower Parchlet – GRO-FL-40970-01

All the embossing and colouring has been done on the back and all the perforating and picot cutting has been done on the front.

1.) Emboss the frame and the first set of double square outlines and scallops.

2.) Emboss the henna corners and squares in the frame.

3.) Emboss the Alliums in the squares.

4.) Emboss the words.

5.) In the frame border, emboss the forget me nots and leaves.

6.) Emboss all the in circles and the hearts

7.) On the back, colour the sections seen below using Perga Liner B pencils and blend with Dorso oil.

8.) On the back, colour the forget me nots, leaves and allium flower centres using the Perga Colours Exclusive pens.

9.) On the front, using the bold 2-needle perforating tool, perforate between the leaves, forget me nots and frame and inside and outside the scallops (oops forgot to take a photo of this stage). Picot cut between all the perforations. 10.) Layer and mount the work on Rainbow River designer paper and white card using brads. Add a bit of sparkle on the embossed circles and hearts using sticky ink, mapping pen and Perga glitter.

Now the question is, ‘What will I do next month?’
All the products are available from

Enjoy! Take care.

Love and Laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋