Little Pleasures

Good evening. Oh my goodness… I had not expected the response I got regarding this idea of tiny pieces of art work on parchment. It makes me so happy to know that it was very much liked and I will see a lot of these little art pieces everyone creates. Exciting.

I would also like to add that one everyday is a target for me as I get very easily distracted from what I want to do and always end up doing what I need to do. This way, without any excuses (hopefully), I will set aside about half hour to do something I really enjoy and shut out the world.

I did play with the idea of ATC size pieces but those would be just that little bit bigger and for me time is a real big issue so wanted to keep it as small as possible. I will also be using lots of work that is just lying around unfinished … great way to have some work mounted up without the pressure of having to complete it as a larger project. It would be great to see what I can rescue from work I have done and not liked when finished.

Today I managed to get 4 more done. The orange one was a rescue piece from the time I was designing pattern packs so has a traditional-ish feel to it.

And today step by step is once again created using the plates from the  Groovi Starter Kit Deluxe…

1.) Emboss the 5th from the inside square from the nested square plate.

2.) Emboss the word ‘JoY’ from the A5 square plate mate followed by flowers (next to the bracket symbols) on both sides of the word.Emboss stems by using the hills from the mountains and hills plate.Emboss mountains and sun from the mountains and hills plate.Emboss birds (next to the flower symbol) from the plate mate.

3.) For colour, I used Perga Liner B pencils on the back because I wanted a smooth colour which I can achieve by using Dorso oil (or blending solution) to rub the colour. As you can see, I have coloured in very roughly. If you are not going to use a blending solution, take you time to colour the areas neatly.

4.) Using a paper stump, cut n dry nibs or a tiny amount of cotton wool wrapped around a cocktail stick and Dorso oil, blend the colour. You need the tiniest amount of the oil to move the colour.

5.) Normally I do my embossing before I colour my work but I changed my mind … I was going to colour the birds and flowers then decided to emboss them instead. Colour the word with a black micron pen on the back.

6.) Using a 2-needle perforating tool, perforate outside the square and cut between the perforations using parchment scissors (or Perga Cutters). Using the bold 1-needle perforating tool, perforate a hole for a flower centre in the middle of all the flowers.

6.) To finish, mount the piece on blue parchment (7x7cm), white card (7x7cm) and black card (8x8cm) using brads and stick this on white card (10x10cm).

I have had so much pleasure creating these today. I can safely say I well and truly hooked making these. Once again, thank you for all your encouragement, love and support on this crazy venture and looking forward to seeing what tiny pieces everyone creates. 

Take Care. Enjoy!

Love and laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋