Happy, Joyous And Free #HappyDayClarityDay

Me again! Everyone enjoying the virtual Claritystamp open days? There is so much inspiration on Clarity team blogs and social media. Lots of giveaways. And, of course, the amazing sale on so many products. Don’t forget the sale ends midnight tonight so go have a peek and treat yourself to some awesome products at bargain prizes.

For this afternoon, I have gone all the way back to the first plate I designed to Claritystamp which was the bamboo plate.

Groovi Plates:

– Groovi Plate Starter Kit Deluxe  GRO-SK-40571-XX

– Word Chain Alphabet Groovi Border Plate Mate  GRO-MA-40559-13

– Nested Squares Picot Cut Die Set & Groovi Plate  ACC-DI-30698-66

– Bamboo A5 Square Groovi Plate  GRO-GR-40310-03

– Large Lace Netting A5 Square Groovi Plate  GRO-PA-40339-03

– Straight Basic & Pattern No.1 Groovi Border Piercing Grids  GRO-GG-41018-14


– 1mm Pergamano Ball Tool – Extra Small  PER-TO-70011

– 1.5mm Pergamano Ball Tool – Small  PER-TO-70004-XX

– Embossing Tool 1.2mm Shader  PER-TO-70003-XX

– 1-Needle Bold Perforating Tool  PER-TO-70028-XX

– 2-Needle Bold Perforating Tool  PER-TO-70279-XX

– Pergamano Ringlock Scissors  PER-TO-70041-XX  (or Pergamano Exclusive Pointed Scissors or Perga Cutter – curved)

– Perga Liners – Combi Box  PER-CO-70063-XX

– Dorso Oil  PER-CO-70066-XX

– Perga Colours Exclusive  PER-CO-70060-XX

– Clarity Lightwave LED Light Panel + Free A4 Translucent Piercing Mat  ACC-LP-30352-A4

– Groovi A5 Parchment (20 Sheets)  GRO-AC-40020-XX

– Groovi Guard  GRO-AC-40345-XX

– Groovi Sticker Tabs  GRO-AC-40437-XX

– A4 Translucent White Super Foam  GRO-AC-40603-A4

– A4 Picot Foam  GRO-AC-40625-XX

– Perga Glue  PER-AC-70133-XX

– Pastel Mix Pergamano Brads  PER-AC-70270-XX

– Indian Summer Duet Designer Paper  ACC-CA-30524-88

– Kraft Card Blanks 6″x6″ X20  ACC-CA-30753-66

– Barbara’s Words Sticker Collection  ACC-SC-30849-A5

Step 1: Die cut the 4rd largest nested picot square on regular parchment paper using the Nested Squares Picot dies. Emboss the double outline from the matching Nested Picot Squares Groovi plate using the 1mm embossing ball tool (or Groovi No.1).

Step 2: With the front side up, using Groovi tabs, stick the parchment over the Straight Pattern No.1 Groovi Border Piercing Grid plate and perforate the border pattern using the 1-needle bold perforating tool.

Step 2: Remove the parchment, turn it over to the back and stick it over the Straight Basic Groovi Border Piercing Grid plate. Emboss dots between the perforations using the 1.5mm embossing ball tool (or Groovi No.2).

If you want to learn more about using these straight and diagonal lace pattern border grids there are iibooks to help you along with lots of inspiration for different ways of using the grids.The bundle for the 4 books can be found here  https://claritystamp.com/products/tina-cox-parchment-perforating-guide-bundle?_pos=12&_sid=55639219d&_ss=r.

The bundle has a beginner book and an intermediate/advanced book for the Straight Pattern No.1 Groovi Border Piercing Grid and a beginner book and an intermediate/advanced book for the Diagonal Pattern No.1 Groovi Border Piercing Grid.

For individual books, look on here  https://claritystamp.com/collections/books.

Step 3: Use the Nested Picot Squares Groovi plate and the 1mm embossing ball tool (or Groovi No.1) to emboss a double outline on either side of the lace design.

Step 4: Emboss the bamboo from the Bamboo plate using the the 1mm embossing ball tool (or Groovi No.1).

Step 5: Emboss the netting from the Large Lace Netting plate using the the 1mm embossing ball tool (or Groovi No.1).

Step 6: Still working on the back, colour on either side of the lace panel using Perga Liner B7 and B16 pencils.  Using a piece of kitchen roll folded into a square, followed by diagonally to bring it to a point, blend the colours using a small amount of Dorso oil.

Step 7: Once the oil has evaporated and the work is completely dry, on the back, bamboo, parts of the netting and between the double outlines using Perga Colours Exclusive pens, PCE13, PCE16, PCE17 & PCE18. Let the colouring dry otherwise the colour will smudge.

Step 8: On a spare piece of parchment, emboss the 2 butterflies from the Bamboo plate using the the 1mm embossing ball tool (or Groovi No.1).

Step 9: Freehand emboss inside the wings and body using the Pergamano shader tool.

Step 10: Turn the parchment to the front, using the 2-needle bold perforating tool, perforate outside the butterflies.

Step 11: Picot cut between all the perforations making sure the scissors are over the waste when you cut.

To Finish: Mount the piece on Kraft card picot cut using the 3rd from outside die and a piece of parchment 12.5×12.5cm using brads. Stick this on Indian Summer designer paper 14x14cm,  14.5×14.5cm white card and 6″x6″ folded Kraft card. Stick the butterflies on using a teeny tiny amount of Perga Glue on the back of the butterfly bodies. Stick a word sticker and some sequins.

Groovi plates and ingredients are available on  http://www.claritystamp.com.

 Enjoy! Take care.

Sending everyone STAY SAFE WISHES sprinkled with PERGA GLITTER. 

Love and laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋