Growing A Snowflake

Good morning. How’s everyone? It’s a bit odd doing snowflakes in summer but I love them so I’m absolutely enjoying this journey go growing snowflakes in July. I love Christmas and as much as it sounds weird to make Christmas cards ‘so early’ in the year it is something I enjoy doing. A lot of us make our Christmas cards for our friends and families and a lot of them are parchment cards which take a little bit longer to make so an early-ish start is good. 

This is one of my snowflakes that grew while I was playing with the snowflake duet plates.

Here is the photo step by step of growing a snowflake from one of the snowflakes from the Snowflakes Duets Collection A5 Square Groovi Plate and Grid set (GRO-WI-41286-03). The embossed dots are done on the back with the Pergamano 1.5mm embossing tool (or Groovi No.2 tool) and the perforating is done on the front using the bold 1-Needle perforating tool.

1.) To start my snowflake I embossed the dots of the top right snowflake (under the word Groovi read right way up on the plate) from the Large Snowflake Grid plate.

2.) Take the parchment off the snowflake grid and stick it on to the Diagonal Basic Grid (GRO-GG-40201-12) so the embossed dots slide/fit into the holes of the diagonal grid. Start extending dots from the section between the arms of the snowflake. Repeat between each section.

3.) Emboss dots extending out from the arms of the snowflake.

4.) Remove the parchment from the grid, turn over to the front and realign the dots on the grid before sticking it and perforate inside and outside the embossed dots.

5.) Picot cut between all the perforations.

Here are some more snowflake examples, small one and grown ones, that my baby girl helped me with and turned them into Christmas tree or wall hangings.

Hope this blog piece is useful and makes sense. Looking forward to seeing lots of snowflakes everyone creates. All the Groovi plates and products are available from

Enjoy! Take Care.

Love and laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋