Groovi Tag 1 – Tag 1b

Hi everyone. Here is one more creating a tag process to follow up from the  Facebook live a few days ago (link to the video below) …

  • Groovi Plates/Tools/Materials Used:
  • Calligraphy Alphabet A5 Groovi Plate Mate GRO-MA-40517-08
  • Word  Chain Alphabet Groovi Border Plate Mate GRO-MA-40559-13
  • Nested Arch Tags Die Set & Groovi Plate CLA-PA-20100-XX
  • Diagonal Pattern No.1 Groovi Border Piercing Grid GRO-GG-40354-14
  • Parchment paper
  • Pergamano 1mm and 1.5 mm embossing ball tools (or Groovi No.1&2)Bold (or fine)
  • 2-needle perforating tool
  • Pergamano scissors (or Perga Cutters)
  • A4 Translucent White Super Foam
  • Perga Colours Exclusive Pens
  • Perga Liners
  • Dorso oil
  • Blending pen and nibs
  • Designer Card
  • Pergamano brads
  • Ribbon
  • Die Cutting machine

Step 1: Die cut the 2nd largest tag from Claritystamp designer card using the Nested Arch Tags Die set.

Step 2: Over the 2nd largest tag from the Nested Arch Tags Groovi plate, emboss the smallest 2 tag outlines and the larger circle using the Pergamano 1mm embossing ball tool (or Groovi No.1).

Step 3: Emboss 3 small tags at different angles, leaving out one side of the tag on each one, using the Pergamano 1mm embossing ball tool (or Groovi No.1).

Step 4: Emboss larger floral border through the tags using the Pergamano 1mm embossing ball tool (or Groovi No.1), remembering to not emboss oner the previously embossed outlines.

Step 5: Reposition the little tags over the plate and using the Pergamano 1mm embossing ball tool (or Groovi No.1). emboss the side of the tag which had been left out in Step 3, remembering to not emboss oner the previously embossed outlines. This will make it look like the floral border is weaving in and out of the tags.

Step 6: Over the Diagonal Pattern No.1 Groovi Border plate, emboss the border designs in each tag using the Pergamano 1.5mm embossing ball tool (or Groovi No.2).

Step 7: On the back, colour the flowers and leaves using the Perga Colours Exclusive pens. Do not worry about how messy this looks as on the front it will look pretty and the white outlines will still be white.

Step 8: On the back, using the Perga Liner B pencils, colour around the outside of the little tags and floral border.

Step 9: Blend the colours using the blending pen, and a little Dorso oil on a sponge. Use a different nib for each colour if possible. If you have too much oil on your nib, the colour will come off, so blot off the excess on a piece of kitchen towel. If you have too little oil, the blending will not be smooth, so touch, just the very tip of the nib, on the Dorso oil for the tiniest amount of oil.

Step 10: From the front, using the bold (or fine) 2-needle perforating tool, over the translucent super foam (and picot foam if you are not using a light wave), perforate inside the circle and outside the tag making sure you push the needles almost all the way down to get larger holes. Picot cut between all the perforations, making sure your scissors (or Perga cutters) are always over the waste and you are putting only the very tips of the scissors (or Perga cutters) into the holes while you turn your work as you cut between the perforations.

To Finish: Attach the parchment tag to the card using brads. Die cut another tag from a piece of card and stick it to the back to hide the back of the brads. Loop a ribbon through the tag holes.

If you want to see the making of the original Groovi tag I did during the live can be found :-On Facebook here … Groovi Tag 1
On YouTube here … Groovi Tag 1
Here are the tags in different colours from the video above …

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The Groovi plates and tools/materials are available from

I look forward to seeing all your creations, whether you are creating a tag or a card using the basic layout ideas on the blog or the video. Enjoy.

Love, Hugs and Laughter

Tina ♥️