Flower Dream

Good evening. As mentioned yesterday, here are the photo step by steps of the card I showed yesterday.

– Regular parchment paper
– Embossing and Perforating mats
– White, Fuchsia, Green Tinta inks
– Mapping pen
– 4-Needle perforating tool
– Stylus, Extra-small ball, Hockey stick, Mini shader Embossing tools
– Parchment scissors
– No.2 Kolinsky brush
– Sponge
– Tear-off palette
– Perga colours exclusive (or any water soluble felt pens)
– Rainbow card and White A6 folded card
– Low tack tape
– Double sided tape
– Glue dots
– Ruler
– Brads
– Ribbon
– Candy and Candi fixers
– Quickie Glue Pen
– Ultra fine glitter powder

Trace – Attach the parchment paper on the design using low tack tape. The word ‘dream’ and zig zags on stems with mapping pen and fuchsia ink, stems with green ink and the rest with white ink.

Perforate (Shallow) – Using the 4-needle perforating tool, semi-perforate (shallow perforate) the lace design. Remove the parchment from the design.

Emboss – On the back of the work, emboss all the white traced lines with a stylus. I gently embossed the flower petals and centres with a hockey stick. To make the ends of the flower petals slightly whiter, I embossed using a mini shader tool. The flower centre also has stippled dots done using the stylus. All the circles have been embossed using an extra-small ball tool.

Paint – The flowers and stems have been painted using Perga Colours Exclusive and on the back. You can use any water soluble felt pens for this technique. Rub the colour from each pen onto a tear off palette. Using a damp No.2 Kolinsky brush, paint wash in each section with the colours you want. Make sure the brush is not too wet as it will cause the parchment to buckle. 

Back and front:

The reason I did my painting on the back is I wanted my white work to show up as white work on the front. Had I painted on the front, the white embossed work would have taken a lighter shade of the colour of the felt pen used in area. Normally if I want a vibrant colour on the front, I do not trace with white ink but will use black ink (or coloured ink) to do my tracing with and then paint on the front.

Perforate (Deep) and Cut – Using the 4-needle tool again, re-perforate the lace design from the front, this time with gently pushing the needle all the way down to create bigger holes. Cut the 4 needle perforations using parchment scissors (or Perga cutters).

Finish – Thread a piece of ribbon through the perforated slots. The ribbon I choose for my threading is slightly wider than the slots because I like how it crinkles between the slots. Cut a piece of rainbow card slight larger than the parchment piece and use brads in the corners to attach them together. Stick this piece on the folded white card with double sided tape. Stick a bow on the threaded ribbon and using candy fixers, stick candy over the knot of the bow and on the top left corner of the card. To finish use the quickie glue pen to put glue on all the circles and sprinkle ultra fine glitter powder to add sparkle to your card.

The pattern can be downloaded free from http://www.tinacox.co.uk/free-patterns.php. Enjoy!

Lots of Fun, Love and Laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋