Filigree Butterfly

Good evening. It’s been a while since I was on here but as I am having a quiet Sunday (a novelty) I thought I would give my poor neglected blog some attention. I had taken photos of the step by steps for this project a couple of months ago when the poetry Groovi plates were the One Day Special but hadn’t got round to blogging it. Seeing as most of you who ordered the plates must have got them by now, you can give it a go, especially if you like this sort of filigree work. If you haven’t got them yet, it would great to put into your wish lists.

Plates Used:

a.) A5 Rectangle – Nested Rectangles, Happiness is a Butterfly, Serenity Prayer, Sunbeam Moonbeam, May the Road Rise

b.) A5 Square – Floral Circle

I have done all the embossing on the back, colouring on the back and perforating and cutting on the front.

1.) Emboss the butterfly frame from the Happiness is a Butterfly plate on regular parchment paper and part of the double rectangles from the Nested Rectangles plate. This is what it looks like on the back.

2.) Emboss the tree from the May the Road Rise plate on the other side of the partly embossed rectangles. Place the parchment back on the Nested Rectangles plate and finish embossing the rectangles missing out the embossed tree. In the centre of the frame emboss the hanging stems from the Serenity plate, the landscape and sun from the Sunbeam Moonbeam plate, the birds from the May the Road Rise plate, butterfly and the word ‘happiness’ from the Happiness is a Butterfly plate.

This is what it looks like on the front:

3.) Emboss inside the circles around the frame and the ovals inside the butterfly wings. I coloured using distress markers on the back as in my next step I am going to use pencils and blending solution to colour inside the rectangle.

4.) Using bendable pencils, colour the sky in yellow, red, pink, purple, dark blue, light blue and the hills in green. As you can see, I have just scribbled the colour on. When you do this, do not use the point of the pencil but use it colour lead flat against the paper so that there are no sharp lines.

5.) Blend the colours using blending solution and a paper stub. Emboss the design from the Floral Circle plate between the double rectangles.

This is what it looks like on the front:

6.) Perforate inside and outside the filigree butterfly frame using a 2-needle perforating tool.

7.) Cut between the perforations with parchment scissors or Perga cutters. Mount this piece on Clarity designer backing paper and black card using brads in the rectangle corners and stick this whole piece on a folded white card.

8.) On a spare piece of parchment, emboss a butterfly and colour the body on the back. Perforate inside and outside the wings and cut between the perforations.

9.) Stick the white butterfly on the butterfly on the main card as a 3D element with the teeny tiniest amount of Perga Glue on the back.

I hope I have not missed any steps as I explained this was created a while back. If I have …. Oooops and Sorry. Don’t forget to watch Maria Simms with some stunning/gorgeous new Groovi plates on Wednesday 15th March between 1-2 and 5-6 on Hochanda.

Take Care. Enjoy!

Love and laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋