Doodle Wreath With 3D Flower

I have a date with my babies today.

I’m off with Meg for college enrolment and then shopping before she starts next week. She is going to be doing a one year Foundation Course in Art and Design which is a diagnostic route to figure out what she may want to do study at university and do in the creative world.

Dylan starts in a couple of weeks at University of Nottingham to study Computer Science. He has decided to come along. It will be so nice to spend a few hours with my babies before they both get busy with what they need to do from next week. Last night they both came up to my room (well technically my sister’s room which I’m using temporarily) after dinner and ice-cream and spent a long time just talking and laughing amongst themselves. Definitely the sound of happiness.

Anyway, I have to go so here are the steps for the afternoon demo I did yesterday on Hochanda at 3pm for this card …

These are the Groovi plates I used:

– Alphabet A5 Square Groovi Plate Mate

– Groovi Plate Mate for Border Plates

– Alphabet and Numbers A4 Square Groovi Plate Mate

– Nested Squares Extension (GRO-WO-40538-15)

– Tina’s Floral Doodle Wreath (GRO-FL-40830-03)

– Tina’s Rosie Doodle Wreath (GRO-FL-40831-03)

– Tina’s Rosie Doodle Border (GRO-FL-40832-09)

– Tina’s 3D Flowers and Butterflies (GRO-FL-40553-15)

1.) Emboss the frame from the nested squares extension plate using the Groovi or Pergamano no.1 embossing tool.

2.) From the rosie doodle wreath plate, emboss the wreath in the middle of the frame.

3.) From the floral doodle wreath plate, emboss the corner design inside frame corners.

4.) Emboss the border design in the 4 sections of the frame from the rosie doodle border plate.

5.) On the back, colour the floral designs and between the double outlines of the frame using Perga Colours Exclusive pens. Colour the section between the inside square and outside wreath circle and inside the small circle with Perga Liner B pencil and blend using a blending nib and Dorso oil.

 6.) On a spare piece of parchment, emboss 3 large, 3 medium and 1 small flower. Colour the small flower on the back using Perga Colours Exclusive. 

7.) On the front, using the 2-needle bold perforating tool, perforate the section between the border design and the frame and outside the main square and outside all the 3D flower elements. Picot cut between all the perforations (Ooops forgot the photo of the step … again).

Layer and mount the work on Rainbow River designer paper and white card using brads. Layer the 3D flower elements and attach it in the middle of the small circle using a brad and stick this whole piece on 8”x8” folded white card.

Tomorrow don’t forget to watch Barbara on Hochanda at 10am and 2pm … Celebrating Claritystamp Ltd 25th Anniversary. On Sunday, Barbara is back on Hochanda between 2-4pm followed by Linda and Paul taking over at 6pm and 8pm on Sunday and on Monday at 9am, 1am and 5pm with the really exciting One Day Special which is the most brilliantly clever idea in the parchment world. There will be lots of ideas and inspirational treats from the design team. It is a really exciting weekend for Clarity and hope everyone can join in with the celebrations.

P.S. Meg hates shopping and Dylan loves shopping … Wish me luck!!!

Take care. Enjoy!

Love and Laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋