Doodle Wreath Plates, And Thank You

Hiya. I can’t believe my last step by step blog piece I did was May 2017. How did time run away so fast? I am (yes, once again) going to try revive this blog … I hope … Maybe … Let’s just leave it at ‘We will see …’

By the way why is it called a ‘blog’? I have lost count the number of times I’ve typed ‘blob’ instead of ‘blog’. Is it short for something? I should google search it I guess.

Thank you so much everyone who tuned in to watch the shows on Hochanda and who purchased the Groovi plates, iibooks, tools plus more. A massive thank you to TeamClarity and the awesome Design Team who create the most amazing samples for all the Claritystamp shows. Thank you to Charlie, Hayley and the Hochanda team for today.

For the 11am show, we created this card…

Step by Step for the card …

These are the Groovi plates I used:

– Alphabet A5 Square Groovi Plate Mate

– Groovi Plate Mate for Border Plates

– A5 Nested Squares (GRO-PA-40037-03)

– Tina’s Floral Doodle Wreath (GRO-FL-40830-03)

– Tina’s Rosie Doodle Wreath (GRO-FL-40831-03)

– Tina’s Floral Doodle Border (GRO-FL-40833-09)

1.) Over the nested squares plate, emboss the 1st square from the outside and the 5th and 6th squares from the inside using the Groovi or Pergamano no.1 embossing tool. From the floral doodle wreath plate, emboss the floral wreath and circles in diagonal corners.

2.) Emboss the same wreath and circles in the opposite diagonal corners.

3.) Emboss the corner designs from the rosie doodle wreath plate in the corners outside the middle square and the corners inside the outside square.

4.) From the floral doodle border plate, emboss part of the border inside the top and bottom of the small square.

5.) Emboss the words ‘Thank you’  inside the square between the border designs from the A5 square plate mate. The photo below is what the words look like on the back as you emboss. I always emboss the letters out on a scrap piece of parchment to work out the spacing that I can then use as a template for the main piece.

6.) From the back, colour the floral designs and letters using Perga Colours Exclusive pens. The photo below is with the back facing up and as you can see I have gone over the white lines in a number of places but it does not matter as on the front, those embossed lines will still be white. Colour the section between the small square and the middle square and the space between outside circles and the outer square with Perga Colour B pencil and blend using a blending nib and Dorso oil.

7.) From the front, using the 2-needle bold perforating tool, perforate the section between the outside middle square and inside inner wreath circle and outside the main square. Picot cut between all the perforations. Sorry I forgot to take a photo of the step but here is a larger image of the finished card to show where to perforate and cut.Layer and mount the work on Northern Lights designer paper and white card using brads and stick this on 7”x7” folded white card.

Tomorrow I will blog the step by steps for the demo I did in the afternoon 3pm show. Off to bed … after ice-cream and some time with my babies.

Take care. Enjoy!

Love and Laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋