Christmas Tree And Bauble Rocker Card

Good afternoon. How is everyone? It had been a while since I was on Hochanda last. I had gone to my sister’s for a month’s break with my mum and kids. It is always so nice to have some family time when all of us get together and bond. I spent my month there pretty much eating lots of cake, crisps and everything else that tasted amazing because of the added artificial flavour enhancers (yes, the one that are bad for us). Now I’m back, I’m desperately trying to shake of the bad eating habits I developed … Definitely not an easy task!!!

Thank you so much to everyone for tuning in to the shows on Hochanda yesterday, everyone at ClarityStamp headquarters, Hochanda headquarters and the amazingly talented design team. The design team create magic with the designs that get sent to them and bring the art work to life and show us so many inspirational ideas. We cannot thank them enough for their commitment and the hours of work that they put into creating the samples.

This time round I remembered to take photos of the step by steps of the 2 cards. I’ll start with the rocker card that I demo-ed on the 11am show yesterday and then in a couple of days do the instructions for the square card.

Groovi Plates and Fresh Cut Dies used:

– Nested Circles Picot Cut Die Set – ACC-DI-30680-66

– Tina’s Turtle Doves – GRO-CH-41294-03

– Tina’s Christmas Tree and Baubles – GRO-CH-41293-03

All the embossing and colouring has been done on the back and all the perforating and picot cutting has been done on the front.

1.) Cut the second from outside circle on Great Lakes designer paper using the Nested Circles Picot Cut die. Fold it in half to create a base for the parchment piece.

2.) Using the folded designer paper as a guide to see how much of the scallops edge you need to emboss from the Turtle Doves plate, emboss the large circle and the scallops using the Pergamano 1mm embossing ball tool (or Groovi No.1) and the circles in the scallops and the hearts with the Pergamano 1.5mm embossing ball tool (or Groovi No.2). Draw where fold line will be using a white pencil and ruler.

3.) Emboss the design from the Christmas Tree and Baubles plate inside the circle, keeping the fold line parallel to the straight lines on the plate. The circles and little stars in the bauble are embossed with the Pergamano 1.5mm embossing ball tool (or Groovi No.2) and the rest of the design with Pergamano 1mm embossing ball tool (or Groovi No.1).

4.) Emboss inside all the little circles, stars and hearts.

5.) Colour on the back using Perga Liner B pencils and blend with Dorso oil using blending nibs. From the front perforate using the bold 2-needle tool outside the scallops design, inside the bauble ribbons and inside the leaves under the tree. Also perforate around the tree, star and bauble ribbon upto the white fold line (Do not perforate along the fold line). Using a cutting knife over a cutting mat or scissors cut about a cm above the fold line up to the tree on one side and the bauble ribbon on the other side.

6.) Picot cut between all the perforations. Fold along the fold lines to create flaps that are used to stick the parchment to the back of the folded picot cut circle designer paper using double sided tape.

7.) To finish, Add a bit of sparkle on the circles, stars and hearts using sticky ink, mapping pen and Perga glitter.

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Enjoy! Take care.

Love and Laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋