Camomile & Friends In A Fairy Background

Hiya. I started playing with the Fairy Background and Camomile & Friends plates a few days ago and was able to finish the project yesterday when I went to the East Northants Groovi Group. It was such a fab day. Met up with lots of friends and made more while there. We laughed, chatted, hugged and ate cake and ice cream (both home made … Jean made a carrot cake and Roz made vanilla ice-cream and lemon merengue ice-cream).

I had made more foamiran flowers a couple of days ago so decided to put them on the project too. And there is lots … and lots … and lots of glitter.

Groovi Plates used:

a.) Fresh Cut Dies – Nested squares

b.) Nested Squares Picot Outlines (GRO-PA-41035-15)

c.) Fairy Background Round GRO-FY-40949-03

d.) Camomile & Friends Round GRO-FL-41022-01Lace Corners GRO-PA-40126-09

e.) Straight Basic Grid GRO-GG-40384-14

1.) Picot cut the 2nd from outside square from the nested picot dies and emboss the double square outlines from the corresponding picot outlines plate.

2.) In the middle, emboss the circles and the design between the circles from the fairy background plate.

3.) Emboss the floral design from the camomile & friend plates slightly offset from the centre.

4.) Emboss the rest of the design from the fairy background plate 

5.) In the corners, emboss the design from the lace corners plate.

6.) Freehand emboss in the floral design and the lace corners.

7.) Between the double circle outlines, emboss dots over the basic straight grid.

8.) Colour on the back with Perga Liner B pencils and blend using a blender pen/nibs and Dorso oil. I added my glitter using sticky ink and Perga glitter at this point because I thought I may as well feel happy looking at the sparkle while I do all the perforating and cutting between all those sections. As a general rule I tend to leave my glittering till the end. 

9.) Perforate on the front using a 2 needle perforating tool and picot cut between the perforations.

10.) Mount the work on Indian Summer designer paper and white card using brads and stick it on 8″x8″ folded white card. Stick flowers and ribbon on the bottom right corner.

I’m off to do my next set of instructions for my workshop at The Forget Me Not Kraft Kabin, Rochford, Essex in November. It’s a ‘Lots of Words’ kinda day.

Take Care. Enjoy!

Love and laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋