Blue Happy Birthday Card With A Random Shoe

Good afternoon. And that is the title one gets when one shows the card to her teenage children and asks for a title for this project! Lol. But seeing as it made me giggle, I went with it. The ‘random shoe’ is from the Twas The Night baby groovi plate.

Groovi Plates Used :-Baby Plates: Twas The Night 1 – Shoe, Universal Framer, Nested Squares, Numbers Groovi inset + Ovals & TagsBorder Plates: Diagonal Perforating Border Plate, Nested TagsA5 Square Plates: Nested Square

1.) Emboss the outline of the shoe using the no.1 embossing tool on regular parchment paper.

2.) From the baby nested squares, emboss the outer 2 squares so the shoe is slightly offset from the squares.

3.) On the other side of the shoe, using the Universal Framer baby plate, emboss the greeting “Happy Birthday”. I did not try to keep the letters straight on purpose as it would have been a major fail for me without drawing out guidelines. If you want the letters in a straight line, draw faint lines with a white pencil and ruler and when finished, rub off the pencil lines.

4.) Using the Nested Tags border, emboss a tag outline around the greeting.

5.) Repeat for the number at the top of the design, using the baby Numbers inset plate.

6.) Emboss the daisy border from the Diagonal Perforated Border plate inside the double square outline and randomly inside the tags.

7.) Remove the parchment from the border plate, turn it over to the front, and position it to perforate a lace border outside the design. Using the 1-needle tool, perforate the zig-zag border as seen in the photo below on all 4 sides.

8.)  Remove the parchment from the border plate and perforate around the shoe with a 2-needle tool.

9.) On the back emboss the shoe with the large ball tools and/or shader tools.

10.) Colour the design on the back using colour pencils or felt pens. I used distress markers to colour the design

11.) Using parchment craft scissors or snips, cut between the outside zig-zag perforations and the perforations around the shoe.

12.) Take a piece of scrap parchment paper and emboss on it. No need to be precise as you can see. This is therapy after trying to emboss and perforate really precisely. Yes, it looks messy! But it doesn’t matter!!! We are going to punch out flowers from this section and it will all be fine (I hope).

13.) See … Once the flowers are punched out, instead of translucent flowers, we now have white flowers without going through the hard work of punching out each flower and embossing each flower (I like short cuts). I also punched out flowers from the blue parchment paper. I stuck the flowers on using quickie glue pen.

14.) On the same shade of blue parchment, emboss the 4th square in from the outside from the Nested Square A5 plate. I embossed on the matt side because I wanted the front of my piece to be the bright glossy blue.

15.) Position and stick the piece, front glossy side up, on the Diagonal Perforated Border plate again and perforate the zig-zag border. I used a different border from the plate but you can use the same border as the other piece.

16.) Cut out between the perforations and mount your work on card stock and blue parchment as seen in the photo. I finished off with glitter on the shoes because a girl can never have enough sparkle and for the flower centres I used platinum liquid pearl dots. Here’s an extra gigantic image to see the mounting and liquid pearl dots (I would have like to say see the glitter too but my camera decided it did not want to catch the glitter in the photo) and the finished project.

Happy Crafting. Take care. Big Hugs!

Love and laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋