A Tiny Idea

Good evening. I have had an idea that has gone round and round in my head for a few weeks now and a part of me keeps telling me that it is probably a crazy one and best not to start on it … However, the other part of me will not let it go so I might as well try it, right?

So the idea is to create at least one mini piece (approx. 2x2in) of parchment work, either with Groovi or traditional methods … Everyday. Why? Because, it can be my escapism from everyday things that HAVE to be done. Because, it will give me an opportunity to play and create for my pleasure. Because, a small teeny tiny piece does not take as long as a large parchment piece does. Because, I can practice various techniques or techniques I have not used for a while. Because, I think it will be fun. Because, ……….

So anyone want to join in? Of course, no one needs to create one everyday. I’m probably being optimistic that I will be able to create one everyday myself. The mission is to create a tiny piece approx. 2x2in and on parchment paper. I’ll be using the 5th square from the inside from the Groovi A5 Nested Square Plate or 3rd from the inside from the Groovi A5 Scallop Nested Square Plate for my finished size.

I’ll post my 2inchies on FB and you are most welcome to tag me or post on my post your creations if you decide to have a go.

So to start, here are my today’s makes … Each finished parchment piece (approximately 2x2in or 5x5cm) has been mounted on 7x7cm coloured paper and 8x8cm black card using brads and finally on white card stock approx. 4x4in (10x10cm).

And here is a step by step for the landscape one in which I just used the plates from the starter kit.

1.) On regular parchment, emboss squares 4 and 5 from the inside from the nested squares plate.

2.) Using the squares on the plate as guides, emboss extra lines between the 2 square to create 3 squares within the border.

3.) From the trees plate, use the small tree on the plate to emboss a tree using the branches. From the landscape plate, emboss hills, sun and birds. The birds were created using the hills at different angles. The photo below is as it looks on the back.

4.) Colour on the back with Perga Colours Exclusive. From the front, perforate with the 2-needle perforating tool and cut with parchment scissors (or Perga Cutters).

5.) To finish, mount the little piece on Clarity Designer Paper and black card with brads and stick this on white card.

I actually really enjoyed doing these and am already looking forward to creating some more (or at least one) tomorrow.

Take Care. Enjoy!

Love and laughter,

Tina Cox 🦋